A perfect fit for the factories
with basic management standards

4M+1E(Machine, Machinery, Material, Method and Energy) management to measure capacity,
Improve work efficiency, enhanced work production and eliminate waste.

Production APP

Indicators based on big data toprovide total monitoring platformLine > TOP-DOWN method of process

Quality APP

Provides advantage of big data and Predictive Analytics to significantly increase its yield

Facility APP

Optimizing the management of facility maintenance

Energy APP

Optimizing cost- effective energy management in the areas of controlling, planning and energy flow and savings

Production APP Features

  • Production progress compared to the target
  • Operation Status by Individual Team
  • Operation Status by Individual Line
  • Operation Status by Process
  • Production Status per Hour
  • Bad Status
  • Operating Rate
  • TOP 10 Non-operation causes
  • Cycle time compliance rate
  • Error occurrence frequency and time

Quality APP Features

  • item management and status measurement
  • Registration and Deletion on Equipment
  • Plan management (interval, total inspection, time check)
  • View measurement results / View frequent inspection results
  • Basic SPC Analysis
  • Filter by item
  • Analysis on X-Bar and R
  • Process Capability Analysis (cp, cpk, pp, ppk)
  • Value histogram measurement
  • Automatic collection of measurement data

Facility APP Features

  • Registration / management of facilities
  • Display facility check result
  • Facility Inspection Form Management
  • Maintenance work process management
  • Total Operation Status (Team> Line> Process)
  • Average Utilization Rate
  • Cycle Time Compliance Rate
  • Error Frequency / Time Management
  • Monitoring Facility Operation Status
  • Equipment Status & Trend Analysis

Energy APP Features

  • Measurement Information / System Information
  • Power consumption status
  • Power Consumption by Line
  • Quarterly Strategy Usage
  • Energy cost information (line / quarterly)
  • Trend of energy consumption trend
  • Basic power consumption statistics
  • Analyze power usage trends
  • Energy quality
  • Power quality Event occurrence status