Product Funtions

Take a look at the useful functions of NEXPOM!

Data Collection

NEXPOM collets structured & unstructured data generated from disparate facilities and equipment.

Data integration and standardization

NEXPOM integrates and standardizes all data collected from each facilities and equipment.
It preprocesses tasks before processing as Big Data to extract business values.

Big data analysis

Hundreds to millions of structured& unstructured data are generated from facilities and equipment per sec. and need to be processed. NEXPOM processes them as Big Data in fast speed with easy control.

Analysis & Prediction

NEXPOM supports machine learning to analyze and predict through various correlation, association rule and CBR. Also it provides visual KPI.

Real time monitoring

NEXPOM monitors the progress status per operation, process, line, equipment as well as labor productivity.

Dynamic Chart

NEXPOM provides the current operation rate per process, line through dynamic charts and its correlation with productivity at a glance.